Our focus

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Nahar Child Education Centre is a non-profit organization that provides educational and primary healthcare services to children from low-income households. It was established in July 2012 and operates under an NGO - Nahar Health Service and Social Welfare Association - established in 2002.

There is an under-supply of health and education services to low-income households in Dhaka. Nahar operates as a social business to meet that unfulfilled demand for health and education services. 

Why package health and education together?

To put it simply, healthy mums work more and look after their kids better. And, healthy kids go to school more often and learn better.

Health and education are the two most important factors in developing human capital.Here at Nahar  we  help children grow into healthy adults and we can help them learn and acquire the skills they will need to prosper.

Our evolution

Nahar was founded by Ms Shamsun Nahar Akhand in 1996 as a social welfare organisation to provide healthcare services to low income women in Kafrul.

Growing up, Ms Shamsun aspired to be a doctor - a dream that ended prematurely due to early marriage. 

Motivated by a sense of incompleteness around her failed personal ambitions, Ms Shamsun simply decided one day that she wanted to give something back, to do something around providing healthcare services, her childhood passion. That's how Nahar was founded.

After 16 years at the helm, Ms Shamsun retired from day-to-day management in 2012, and Ms Parveen Wahid, a teacher by profession, took over as CEO. 

With Ms Parveen taking over, education, not surprisingly, came into sharper focus. Especially ensuring that our female students aren't made to drop out and forced into early marriage.

Sadly, child marriages are still a grave reality haunting present-day Bangladesh, despite socio-economic progress on many fronts. We take a lot of public health and education issues seriously, and stopping child marriages is top of the list.

One other thing. Ms Shamsun still chairs Nahar's Board, which includes 8 other members, 6 of whom are women. Other senior members of the Nahar Board include Ms Sitara Jebin Ahmed, Mr M A Latif and Mr Kemal Haque.

Sponsor a child at Nahar Education

For Tk 2000 or $25 per month, you can sponsor a child's education and basic health care services. 

The cost covers tuition, books, school uniform and lunch, and emergency healthcare services.
 If you want to sponsor a child, email us at nahareducation@gmail.com.
'Like us' on Facebook
or call us at 01755909043.
Visit us at 393 West Kafrul, Agargaon, Dhaka

'Like us' on Facebook
or call us at 01755909043.
Visit us at 393 West Kafrul, Agargaon, Dhaka